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OPW Fluid Transfer

OPW Fluid Transfer Group

OPW Fluid Transfer Group provides expert solutions for the production, loading, transportation, unloading, and storage of hazardous bulk products worldwide. Our products and systems are used in chemical plants, refineries, petrochemical facilities, at loading racks, on rail tank cars, cargo tank transports, and dry bulk trailers to help safeguard personnel and the environment against chemical spills, tank overfills, and fugitive vapor emissions in the handling of hazardous bulk materials.

Ethanol's role in the world's chemical industry has expanded dramatically. OPW is dedicated to meeting the demands of all aspects of this growing industry.

We manufacture high-quality, high-performance valves for liquid applications, manways and hatches for fermentation and storage applications, loading arms, rack monitors, swivels, dry disconnects, API adaptors for loading truck tanks, and many other truck and rail ethanol transportation products.

With OPW Fluid Transfer Group's innovative component design and precision manufacturing, you'll produce and transport ethanol and other hazardous bulk materials better, faster, and safer than you ever thought possible.

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