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M-COR Precision O-Rings

M-COR, Inc.

M-COR, Inc. has manufactured high performance encapsulated O-rings and elastomer products since 1987. Their success within the sealing industry has steadily increased since then.

In 2002, M-COR, Inc. invested in manufacturing equipment and technologies to extrude high performance fluoroelastomers. In 2003, M-COR was included in DuPont Performance Elastomers Genuine Viton Program. In 2006, M-COR's engineering department developed curing technology for the manufacture of continuous extruded lengths of Viton GFS and Viton Extreme ETP elastomers for conversion into various sealing devices.

In 2007, M-COR's high performance sealing products include: Teflon encapsulated O-rings, Teflon encapsulated gaskets for cam lock couplers, O-ring cord extrusions, complex profile extrusions, and tubing extrusions of Viton, Silicones, and EPDM.

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