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Woodex Bearing Company, Inc.

Woodex Bearing Company, Inc. formed in 1908, and has operated out of Georgetown, Maine since 1980. Woodex emphasizes top-quality design and manufacturing with first-rate customer service, and is proud to mark their products "Made in Maine."

Woodex Bearing Company, Inc. manufactures customized seals in a fully-equipped plant, blending manually-operated, conventional machine tools with modern, numerically-controlled equipment in a 17,000 square foot manufacturing facility.

The MECO Custom Shaft Seal product line covers a variety of applications in a variety of machine types, including: agitators, airlocks, bucket elevators, cookers, dough mixers, drag chain conveyors, dryers, extruders, feeder screws, grinders, mash tanks, mixers, plow blenders, precipitators, pulpers, reactors, repulpers, ribbon blenders, roller mills, screw conveyors, solvent extractors, spent grain conveyors, standardizing tanks, vacuum tumble dryers, etc...

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