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MECO Custom Shaft Seals:      OFS Series

MECO Custom Shaft Seals - OFS Series MECO Custom Shaft Seals - OFS Series

OFS Series

OFS Series Seals - MECO's OFS Series seals provide effective sealing of solids, liquids, vapors, and gases in a variety of applications.

  • The OFS seal is particularly suited to top entry agitator shafts, where long, cantilevered shafts can exhibit high runout and angular misalignment.
  • Simple to install, and requires no flush or purge.
  • The seal can be built with no elastomers, permitting its use with a wide variety of aggressive chemistries.
  • The OFS seal will permit significant axial shaft motion, making it ideal for applications where there is shaft float and thermal expansion.
  • The OFS is available unsplit or fully split, and in a wide variety of material combinations for maximum compatibility with acids, bases, and aromatic hydrocarbons.