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MECO Custom Shaft Seals:      MECO-DR Series

MECO Custom Shaft Seals - MECO-DR Series

MECO-DR Series

MECO-DR Series Seals - The MECO-DR is a patented driving mechanism, for use in MECO shaft seals.

  • The MECO-DR allows the rotating seal faces to compensate instantly for axial shaft motion without affecting seal face loading.
  • Fully-split designs are available, with high (1/4” and more) runout / misalignment tolerance.
  • There are no internal springs to corrode or break, allowing for economical MECO-DR on-site rebuilds.
  • Developed for Moyno® progressing cavity pumps, the MECO-DR is now available for mixers, blenders, reactors, dryers, and other process machinery.
  • The MECO-DR can withstand punishing abrasives and keep on running long after conventional seals have failed.
  • The MECO-DR is available as a design feature in new MECO seals, and also as a retrofit for some existing EAS, MECO-Pac, or EX-Pac Series seals.