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MECO Custom Shaft Seals:      EX-Pac Series

MECO Custom Shaft Seals - EX-Pac Series MECO Custom Shaft Seals - EX-Pac Series MECO Custom Shaft Seals - EX-Pac Series

EX-Pac Series

EX-Pac Series Seals - EX-Pac seals are often used on conveyors and agitator shafts in reactors, dryers, extruder-compounders, and other equipment where aggressive solvents and other chemicals are present.

  • MECO EX-Pac seals combine the best features of MECO’s patented EAS and MECO-Pac seals into a superior product, which excels in some of the least hospitable process environments.
  • They can be used in applications where there is extensive thermal growth of the shaft, or where axial shaft movements are occasionally necessary for adjusting machine clearances.
  • Ex-Pac seals can be equipped with traditional manual adjustment, or they can be loaded with external springs to compensate for normal wear of the sacrificial seal surfaces.
  • The purge chamber between the two rotating faces is maintained by a tight-fitting O-ring around the nose of a gland follower, which in turn compresses the double seal faces.
  • Ex-Pac seals can be configured with a variety of purge or flush arrangements, depending on process requirements.