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MECO Custom Shaft Seals:      H & HE Series

MECO Custom Shaft Seals - H & HE Series MECO Custom Shaft Seals - H & HE Series

H & HE Series

H & HE Series Seals - The H (unpurged) and HE (air-purged) series are the original MECO screw conveyor seals.

  • First patented by MECO in 1976, this enduring design is still used extensively for screw conveyor applications.
  • These seals tolerate up to " of diametric runout.
  • HE seals incorporate a body block which permits an air purge to be introduced between the two seal faces, creating a more durable seal.
  • Additional benefits of MECO's H & HE Series seals include: replacement of standard waste pack seals, elimination of fretting and other packing oriented shaft damage, tolerance to high shaft runout, easy configuration for unpurged or air purged operation, FDA-approved materials for food and pharmaceutical service, easy mounting beneath standard 4-bolt flange bearings, and is available in six C.E.M.A. standard shaft sizes from 1" to 3 7/16".