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MECO Custom Shaft Seals:      MECO-Pac Series

MECO Custom Shaft Seals - MECO-Pac Series

MECO-Pac Series

MECO-Pac Series Seals - The MECO-Pac is an elastomer-driven, MECO seal designed to replace packing in stuffing boxes.

  • It is used primarily in airlocks and rotary valves, where no installation clearance exists for an externally mounted seal.
  • The MECO-Pac seals on a plane perpendicular to the shaft, eliminating abrasive damage to the shaft caused by packing or lip seals.
  • The MECO-Pac has proven effective in maintaining pressure differential across airlocks, without the frequent adjustments required by packings.
  • Available in several materials for service in a wide variety of products including: food and pharmaceutical products, abrasives, and hazardous and toxic materials.
  • The MECO-Pac requires a minimum 3/8" packing section, a minimum bore depth of 1.313", and an air or gas purge of approximately 1/2 CFM at 3-5 psig.
  • MECO-Pac seals should only be used in applications where there is no possibility of installing an external seal.