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Sealing Products

RS Rubber Products - Sealing Products RS Rubber provides various sealing soultions.

  • O-Rings are supplied in ASA-568 standard sizes and also metric and non-standard molded sizes are available. Compounds available are: buna-n, neoprene, viton, EPDM, silicone, urethane, teflon, kalrez, and encapsulated teflon styles. O-ring measuring cones, tools, and picks are also available.
  • Mechanical Pump Seals along with V-rings and U-cups are available. Our Pac-Seal line is the leader in single spring mechanical seals.
  • GoreTex Premium Teflon Products made by W.L. Gore are distributed for the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. Joint sealant, gasket tape, valve stem, sheet gaskets, and sheet products are available and fabricated. Generic substitutes are offered when applications are not as demanding.
  • Pump Packing consisting of various coatings and filaments are available. Teflon, graphite, GFO, kevlar, and carbon fiber are just a few of the varieties available.
  • Packing Tools including picks, threaded pullers, corkscrew tips, cutters, and flexible or rigid shaft tools are stocked. Purchase individually or in kits.