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B-L-S Emergency Drench Shower & Eye Wash:      Quality Control

B-L-S Emergency Drench Shower & Eye Wash - Crating B-L-S Emergency Drench Shower & Eye Wash - Testing

Quality Control

B-L-S is committed to quality and takes steps to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • All B-L-S showers are completely assembled and then crated for shipment to afford maximum protection during shipping.
  • B-L-S showers pass a 150 PSIG hydraulic pressure test to detect any leaky connections or defective fittings.
  • Every B-L-S shower has its electrical system tested for correct electrical resistance and shorts, before and after the installation of the jacket and insulation.
  • B-L-S is in compliance with the American National Standards Institute publication Z358.1-1998.