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Specialty Seals

Sundyne Pump Seals

  • Superior bellows design.
  • High-speed reliability.
  • Easy installation.
  • Can easily retrofit a multiple spring design to welded metal bellows.
  • Extremely cost effective retrofit program.
  • Operating Conditions: Max. Temp 400F (204C), Max. pressure 300 PSI (20 bar), Max. Speed 25000 RPM.

Cryogenic Seals - Welded bellows technology.

  • Flex-A-Seal has earned an exemplary reputation throughout the industry as a leader in welded bellows technology. That engineering capability can be successfully applied to the rigorous demands of very low temperature cryogenic applications.
  • Cryogenic face solutions. Our detailed face design is ultimately important to maintaining the critical film of lubricant between the seal faces at such low temperatures.
  • Compatibility. Our cryogenic designs are engineered to fit virtually all standard centrifugal cryogenic pumps which are used primarily to transfer liquid nitrogen, oxygen and argon. They are found throughout industry in process systems, storage tanks, trucks and transfer stations.
  • Common pumps. The most common pumps include ACD, Cosmodyne, Airco Paul, and J.C. Carter. We have experience retro-fitting all of these pumps.
  • Cleaning. Seals for liquid oxygen service are oxygen cleaned and certified.
  • Operating Conditions: Max. Temp -328F (-200C).